Streaming company since 1999.  Based on our experiences, we’ve grown into more, including Network Project Managing and Video Delivery for our Customer.

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What We Do

Based on a profound knowledge of all factors of the media, from the operational to the technical prospective, a great part of our job is split into Consulting with our customer, to research and study solutions and project management - real or virtual.  For a one day service or annual services using the video cloud solution.

We have a strong Partner network with great skills, therefore we can easily manage and develop projects from scratch, or customise OTT solutions based on the needs of our customer,  on private cloud or public internet.

We cover the delivery of all content on a wide range of devices from Smart tv with app got only, LG and Samsung, Solution for Apple tv and to our very own android set top box, or mobile and web devices.

Our Vision

We are part of a Network, and as part of a Network we must ensure that our service delivery is done with Strength and Honesty, that in relation to all involved in our stockholder’s chain.  Therefore, Customer Satisfaction is a mantra in our business philosophy. We have and emphatic approach with the customer, which gives us the possibilities to be very efficient and proactive in all aspects of business affiliation.

The very short decision chain gives us the possibilities to be swift in the operational part of our job and gives our customer a big advantage in terms of service reliability and flexibility to the Solution and Project delivery.

We win with our customer!

This is our real mantra 


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Come Play with Us

We have long-standing experience, which has taught us how to improve daily in our job, in our process and how we can be better than the day before. 

We can be your partner in Developing a new Project, new Services , or just with a Service in a box, on an extremely  professional team level.

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New Talent Open Positions

Online Partner channel

We are developing a large network of partner channels, to maximise the lead opportunity generator for qualified partners and growing rapidly together.

Online Sales manager

For our new product "Zero latency" we are looking for an online sales manager, with experience in Sports and Music events.

We are looking for a Senior Developer, with 5 years of experience, to coordinate an external Develop team.  If you are looking for a great challenge for your talent and would like to work in the video environment, this is the right place for you.

PHP developer

Junior Sys Admin

If you are a brilliant Junior Sys Admin with experience on the cloud environment, you are exactly what we are looking for. 

We require knowledge on Java, capability to work in an international team which could involve local duties for  Italian infrastructure.


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